In our experience the method applied by teachers should be flexible enough to take into consideration:


  • The student’s level
  • The student’ s needs
  • The learning type of the student

Generally speaking, though, our method is direct, communicative and interactive.

This means: as a rule only German is spoken in German lessons (only in cases of “emergency” would and could we pull our “emergency brake” and explain something in English in order not to totally frustrate a student).

Emphasis is always laid upon speaking the language (plus a minimum of grammar required for that purpose) and practising listening comprehension. We, and the teaching material we use, concentrate on situations, “functions” rather than grammar:

our students want to be able to “function”, i.e. to “speak” or “understand” and “act” in a given situation or context.

Once a student has reached an intermediate or advanced level and speaking the language does not pose a difficulty any more, emphasis would then be put upon details of structure, grammar and special vocabulary/idiomatics. In our opinion it is of the utmost importance for students of all levels to learn their vocabulary – even the best of teachers can not do that for the student.Teachers, however, can give some good advice on how best to go about it!

There are, of course, always exceptions to the rules:

some students might need written German only, some might want grammar and structures only, because they speak the language already but never had any formal training, etc. But our teachers are always experienced and flexible enough to adjust their teaching technique accordingly!

Therefore we spend a lot of time finding out the needs of the student in order to offer the right course. Get in touch with us we will take care of you!