From our experience, the method used by the teachers should be flexible and follow the following criteria:

Main emphasis

Speaking practice in the lessons, all participants should have enough opportunity to really use the language.

Because of this, the groups should be small. Group courses at DESK consist usually of 3 participants, with company courses, the company decides on the number of participants.


Practical orientation

The topics that are dealt with in the lessons should be orientated to the pupils private and job situation.

In company courses the emphasis lies in oral and written communication by way of role play (presentations, phoning, meetings, job interviews, e-mails, reports)

In private lessons, the main emphasis is spoken about before the course starts and are decided upon by the participants themselves.


Although the emphasis in the lessons is communication, a certain amount of grammar is necessary to enable understandable communication.

The amount of grammar is decided upon by the teacher and pupil together, after an assessment test.

Vocabulary training

In order to communicate well, sufficient vocabulary is necessary.

During the lessons a lot of importance is attached to vocabulary training. It is of course recommendable that a pupil learns vocabulary outside of the lessons -we can give good advice about how best to do this.

Consideration of individual wishes

Our teachers have different academic backgrounds and many years of experience and are therefore able to accomodate individual wishes (technical language, pronunciation, interview situations, presentations etc.)
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