Online Courses

Online company courses – Online private courses:
when and whereever you have access to the internet
from € 48,00* per lesson

DESK carries out online courses only with very experienced, professional and mainly fully-employed teachers, teachers who have already gathered a lot of experience in face-to-face teaching.

This is a guarantee for high quality and efficiency and you are very welcome to check this in a trial lesson, without any committment

In the very improbable case that you are not satisfied with the lesson, there will be no charge for the trial lesson.

You yourself can determine the number of lessons you want (which should be paid in advance) and then take the lessons very flexibly whenever you wish (3, 5, 10…lessons)


  • DESK offers online lessons in our virtual classroom with Adobe Connect, or also with Skype, Whatsapp, Teams or Zoom:
  • Adobe Connect is a flexible, multimedia Web communication system, the only thing a participant needs is an up-to -date internet browser.

Blended Learning

  • You have the choice between just online lessons or Blended Learning.
  • Blended Learning means that, in addition to online lessons you can also have lessons here at our school in Munich, at the Viktualienmarkt or in our premises in Herrsching, directly at the Ammersee.
  • Online instruction provides the opportunity to have lessons with your teacher when and wherever you want.


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German + English + French


*+ 16% MwSt;
Private customers: incl. 16% MwSt;

+16% VAT (bills for companies that can claim sales tax)



You can give a present of a voucher for a language course with us – either for live-online or class lessons.