DESK Sprachkurse in München und Herrsching,Deutschkurse, Englischkurse

Company Courses

Individual and group courses
Individual lessons €48,00* per lesson (45 mins.)
Group: €48,00* per group per lesson (45 mins.)
perhaps + a moderate travel cost (€9,50* per 30 mins. one-way)


  • Because our teachers are fully-employed, DESK is a very popular employer especially for very experienced teachers.
  • For the same reason there is very little change of teachers in company courses, as indeed in all our courses
  • Company courses too are held by native speakers (almost all of whom have a university degree)
  • Before being employed, the didactic ability of teachers is checked in a ” demonstration lesson”, in order to guarantee the high quality of the lessons in company courses
  • The quality is continually checked by phone contact with the Human Resources Department and by written questionnaires

Technical Language

The DESK team has experience in the following branches:

  • Company language courses Automotive
  • Company language courses Banking
  • Company language courses Construction
  • Company language courses Catering
  • Company language courses Finance
  • Company language courses Gastronomy
  • Company language courses Commerce
  • Company language courses Hotel
  • Company language courses Logistics
  • Company language courses Medicine
  • Company language courses Care
  • Company language courses Technology
  • Company language courses Insurance


DESK takes on the organization of your course from A-Z:

  • Because the main target of company employees in the course is improving fluency, DESK carries out a ten-minute individual talk with all participants for the assessment
  • During this talk, not only are the language needs assessed but also the times the participants are available for the course ( a lightening of the work load for the Human Resources Department)
  • For these 10-minute talks on the company premises there is only a cost of € 30,- per hour (60 minutes). Assessments at DESK are free of charge.
  • Tests, course confirmation and course reports are discussed and arranged with the Human Resouces Department

We look forward to cooperating with you.